ANIME SKIN (plz add)

ok this took a while ot find non coprighted image

here is the image
My project-1

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comeone guys it is the best skin
price 2.5mill

no words on it, and maybe 1 mil?

your profile pic actually looks like it could be a skin.

DEAL > mimunm of 10 words( STUPID WORD THING)

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it might be copyrighted

trust me I have messaged tho owner

no words on the skin

fixing it right now

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no u can have words on the skin have you seen the dev3x skin

u can have words on it

the mods can chose either

ok hon

I reefuse to add

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bro this is so old

i don’t want to bring the filth of the animie to the holy game of swordbattleio

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no just no

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