Anyone else having Low Fps

Just wondering is anyone experience low FPS today?

I don’t mean the low fps when you play for a long time and have like 100k+

I’m saying right when you open the game and you are small you won’t pass 30 fps.

Idk if it’s just my computer or everyone has it. Grinding got a bit hard bc of that.



It’s because swordbattle is a pretty laggy game. It happened to me too.


What’s your avg?

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No it’s a new thing. It happened starting yesterday and today. I used to get 60 fps on my school Chromebook now lucky if I get past 30.

It could be my wifi though


Maybe. One time i had 70 fps, then 5 minutes later i had 6 fps…

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its a common and daily thing


ANGEL once had her FPS at about 3k-7k at least

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depending on the time of day it could be super laggy or not laggy at all

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you guys are so lucky, I only get 1 frame per second :cry:

You guys have fps above -1?

I got 10k

For ping

My fps iOS always around 10-20

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Frames Per Second in Swordbattle when starting

Device FPS
Dell Chromebook 3100 30-50
Dell Chromebook 11 3180 10-30
iPad Mini (5th generation) 60