Apocalyptic Hunters

_AH _

Apocalyptic Hunters


  • Top 200 all-time.
  • Be active.
  • Team with fellow Apocalyptic Hunters.
  • Be good at the game.
  • Put either {AH} or _AH _ in front of your name in-game
  • Played for at least 3 weeks.


  • No killing fellow AH members.

Reasons To Join

  • No “Enemies”
  • Not many rules other than the one,
  • You are allowed to do anything as long as you play.
  • This clan will most likely get you back in SB.
  • I plan to host 1v1 tournaments only _AH _ members can join.
  • I plan to make battle royales where anyone who wants to can play with only _AH _ members.

Reply Below “# Apocalyptic Hunters” To enter.

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bruh everyone decent is already in a clan, only people left are random kids

have fun with ur goofy ahh clan

needs a better tag as well

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That my friend is true

bro the tag makes it sound like u run from your enemies while screaming :skull_and_crossbones:

Tbh, I will respect this clan, because it is made be someone who was here for a few months.


ye but he stinks at swordbattle so imma kill im

Wdym back in sb


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If you don’t play SB much the clan might help you play more

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everyone BUT ME bahahaahah clans are dumb af

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you’re one to talk kiddo

bro how do i know if im top 200 it only shows top 100

You have to check your own profile


Click the person on the main page, then click profile on the drop-down.

what person?

oh that one

im decent and i still dont have a clan (still not joining one)

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So you just left us :sob: