APPLICATION for story time

As I headed toward the middle of the map I stubled upon a player named…

POTATOLORD They were talking about anime and potatoes it was strange and I just

watched from afar, BUT THEN they spoted me and I ran and I ran fast.

I was saying my last words when potatolord… SCREAMED I am a anime goddess welcome to my world and left.

This is scary it seems there are more then just regular people here it seems there are gods as well but she siad she was a goddess of… anime so im not planning on seeing her anytime soon.


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k good and nice

… at least not alone. Soon I came back with my army of players and destroyed the anime god! More talkative than powerful ngl.


QUESTION how can i be anime godess all mighty one XD

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Potatolord is muted, i don’t know how long.
But as to your question, you have to be the most annoying, and the most exiting, person on the forum. Only Potatolord has qualified so far, and she is the only goddess.
Also, you can just proclaim that you are a goddess and everyone will hear you! XD

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lemme see im aggrovating when i want to be and im like a rodent i will never leave >:D

Why are they muted?


Well it’s potato lord that pretty much sums it up


Ye lol


this seems like a insult is this a insult it better not AND NO THERE IS ONLY ONE GODDESS and its me @Kamui死


your not denying it

it was a defensive offensive
so an insult but also a compliment, so they canceled each other out, except that the compliment was greater than the insult, so i gave you a compliment. XD

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