Instead of a single area in the map, I feel like there should be different biomes in the world.

In the middle, there could be a mountain with lava at the top, which is completely deadly to touch, but you could push people in there.

There could be an ocean/beach area, which can slow you down or even drown you if you cross that area.

If this is a game about finding chests, maybe there could be a spawn point which is a castle? Chests and coins wouldn’t spawn there, but you also cannot get killed in that area. You also MUST be at full health to enter to prevent people from hiding in the castle.

There could be a forest area, where there are just lots of trees. If animals can be added that would make a great addition to the forest, where you could befriend them or get meat from them.

There could be a lair, which has lots of coins and chests, but an OP boss you must defeat to get those. When you die there, your coins are added to the dragon’s pile.

A snow area in the upper parts of the map could have slippery ice, which makes you faster. This area would be separated by water.

If you have any other ideas just put them under this post.


good idea.
there also could be a healing biomes like slurpy swamp in fortnite

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i have no idea what the biomes in fortnite are because ive never played, but what an idea I got was hearts that you can collect as they spawn randomly, similar to a power-up.



lol slurmp swamp, i still miss it, it had SO MUCH HEALS!!! :sob:

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when they took it i left

i have thaght of that before but didint know how it would work like a biome where your slower and a biome where damage is higher but more coins?


Hi this is an amazing idea I might add it after v2

What you think @Mitbald


Ye I really like the idea of biomes, and think this is a great idea!


no latest replies, biomes idea is not added yet, for now closing topic

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