Ask Me Anything - Big No Edition

Ask me anything and I will answer (I might not answer correctly)!

how to swordbattle

To Swordbattle you need to do stuff

wow :flushed: so pro

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are you a physical manifestation on evil?

I know, it takes a lot of time to get to where I am now


How long have you been playing SB?

A little longer than 2 weeks

Whats the answer to the Collatz conjecture?

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what is 0/0?

do you play chess?

Do you live on the earth?

The Collatz conjecture states that the orbit of every number under f eventually reaches 1. And while no one has proved the conjecture, it has been verified for every number less than 268 . So if you’re looking for a counterexample, you can start around 300 quintillion.


No, I don’t play chess

Depends on your definition of Earth

best clutch in sb

I beat angel once, it was a clutch ig

come back