Ask Me Anything Mitblade

Being the most original man alive I’m doing an ask me Anything
@gautam your going down


Top 10 forum users?

did you vote me for treasurer
how many subs u got
fav mod?
who’s mitblade

do you play chess

I play chess everyday

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are you bald?

I possibly voted you for treasurer
I got 2.06k subs
My favorite mod is Dr. Skill_issue uwu
mitblade is this hot bald dude

I am extreamly and you can view it for 1 channel membership


I am currently not with in the top 10

Can you change your username back to Mitblade?

for 5 dollars yes

I mean like who is your top 10 favorite forum users.

How much is your membership?

$ $ $ $ $

$69 (you have to give it to me first)

3, 5, or 10 dollars

Slap, angel, manage, fish, coder, mitbald, zarooma, Manny (bribery), pheonix, smiley,


How am i on the list? I was just fr gonna ask if u hated me

u get annoying but not hate, I simply have high expectations and why I question most items.