Ask Me Anything Mitblade

no is fak docor, they bad at diagnose

Fight my PhD kid

you have no such thing, bald

you’re a shampoo artist, not a doctor


he is the 10% of doctors who didnt agree with that statement

Screenshot 2023-05-11 081103
look how fake that is!

Seems legit.

Technically it’s only illegal to forge a signature it’s not illegal to forge the recipient of an award :brain:

Disclaimer I do not encourage or condone this behavior in any way shape or form


thanks for telling me how to do crime gautam :+1:

welp I guess from all of that talk the solution is that it’s not illegal to forge the recipient of an award!!

yeah and mines legit whats the problem?

can I buy what your username says (real)

10$ and yes

Why haven’t you killed me yet??

your to hot on g

What is your opinion on the spring update


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what would make it a 10, in your opinion

Aesthetics really in my opinion

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