Ask me literally anything and I'll answer, besides anything inappropriate

Ask me a question and I’ll answer I might be slow, Might as well since it’s the trend apparently

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favorite food?
favorite game console?
favorite game?
favorite trip?
favorite color?
favorite food?

How did you come up with your name?

Who is your top 10 swordbattle players?

My First Introduction Topic ?

the russian part was just octopi and thadricus was a name off of a rpg game I played

skyrim or blade and sorcery
light blue
already answered that

I am not sure

it was to introduce myself I thought that I might as well make a Q&A topic

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Whats your favorite movie

thank you!

don’t judge but the twilight series specifically the first one


You watched all 5 twilight movies?


:frowning: why is there a problem with that

No, I get why people like them but like, I’ve seen better romance vampire movies

name one right now??

Let the right one in, let me in, Bram Strokers Dracula

never heard of any of those.