Assasin skin?

assasin-removebg-preview (1)

its not very nice so @gautam, pls fix it if u want


It kinda look like a transformer ngl lol

i thought abt an evil biker or darthvader or a hitman. Basically i thot of a killer

Looks sick, again with your permission i can add this into game

but the comp…

um, I actually make it for u if u use an evolution of assasin, but okay

there is a skin competition released. i recommend submitting that under the hitman category

an assassin is a killer

Ik but there is assasin and hitman category, choose one. personally I think its a better hitman

i want assasin

OK, beware tho, if u submit a knight skin under assasin ud get 0/10 on realism. u better hope judges think it looks more like an assassin and not a hitman

i dont even know hitman

a hitman is someone u hire to kill someone. kiind of like an assasin but less stealthy. when I think of assassin I think abt someone in a mask and a turban and more old time. when I think hitman I think abt ur skin u made. Also If u want to enter it into the comp, u have to post it on that thread

ok then a hitman

Submit it to the competition…

Already added.

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Ya think? Fr…

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