Atteion Guccwi Kiddss

I may be coming back to sb for a while/I may remake gucci gang skin…


no one will add it :joy:


They added ur ugly frog skin so anything is possible…

its better than ur eyemelter :joy: get good

Says the one who spent 2 days of his life in a sword game…

Don’t worry I’m making an amphibian skin, it looks okay.

… good (;

Dont frogs live for 12 years??


I dunno ask frumpy


I got 10 sheets of hw to do so yeet…

manage might not add because my skin and ur skin too similar

Eh, maybe. Whichever one is better maybe.

man, just make a different skin, this is my skin we’re talking about :confused:

Alright, fine
But now I just have this goofy looking frog in my gallery…

thanks :hugs: :blush:

I want the gucci skin fiejfekj
You said u where a make and then didddntt…