Average day in swordbattle

Ok so I was fighting this guy and then everything started going whack. Red and green healthbars all over the place. Super speed mobs. Got flung outside the map and then the player count just gave up and disappeared. I start moving randomly. I then go down to 5fps.

Seems pretty normal to me

uhhhh why are you awake at 11…?

This is AM (morning)

11pm would be 23:00 (Night)

oh good, i just saw that moon night thingy so i thought it was night

Oh yeah that do not disturb thingie I always forget to turn it off


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…infinite health….
I always knew this would happen someday

you have 96 ping, what is the point


Also I do sometimes get high ping though that is probably on my part. Either way it would be nice! Carball had an EU server at one point

this happened to me a few times too
once after it happened I appeared on the other side of the map
(teleportation glitch?)

I think the low fps causes bugs like this because the timer & renderer system breaks idk how to fix it

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Couldn’t you just slow it down or something? I’m dumb at coding lmao so I have no idea

Only in Ohio!

No because he’s in England ._.

Yeah when something was lagging one time something like this happened and when I tried to tell everyone else if they saw it too they thought I was clinically insane

Yea theres prob a way but its too rare, if it happens consistently to anyone pls lmk

I’m pretty sure this happened to A-bot and I just thought he was exaggerating a little bit

Nah that would be me

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