BatMan Skin - new skin

Screenshot 2022-11-19 3.30.35 PM

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First of all batman skin idea is copyright also ur skins look copyright too


they are just examples i found

Won’t be added dude Batman idea is copyright

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even though i dont like very hard sh it i agree with him its copy right

batman is a wordwide thing they dont copyright people for it

we only take orgainal shi t we dont take copy right stuff

Dude the images are copyright to and no dc owns it and sword doesn’t have permission to use there stuff

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like i said its just an idea no need to get pressed

Y u being mean, i thought we were good?

we good its your new nick name :>

everyone be nice William is my brother. William how about you make the skin of someone who doesn’t exist so it has a chance? like roach man with the description as : he hangs out in your kitchen

Yeah that’s be cool

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