Battle royal in swordbattle

I think there should be battle royal in V2
battle royal might be fun
not tryna make this fortnite or games like that but this could be fun.
For example on how this might work is u spawn in the map u open the chest to get coins but u cant pick up ur sword till 2k. then u fight there should also be moving zone and special percs like a magic ball to tell the next zone things like that but i doubt this will be added just a idea


Said before love it check here

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Your idea is more detailed though

thanks lol

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its something we really want to add but uh money…
Adding on to this our commuinity isnt big enough yet sadly
Maybe in future

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yea thanks though

how would u open chest without sword unless u can if uk what i mean


like a bind on ur keyboard

yes, but if we do add it we may grow a larger community

true but we need more people in the community for this to happen

we do have like 10k so i mean…

still unactive people

ok there is like half playing tho

ye i guess wanna play?

if this were to happen this would be like a copy of

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