Battle Royal

So basically, players will first click on a button in the Main Menu that takes them into a waiting area with a countdown for 1 minute that begins as soon as two players join the waiting area. There would also be a thing that says how many players are waiting. It would be _/10. If 10 people are waiting for the game, it will start before the timer ends.

The Battle Royal itself is simple. There would be a wheel that spins by itself and chooses a mode. A few suggestions I had were: Normal, No Throwing, Only Throwing, Random Bots, and Boss. Normal would just be normal pvp, no throwing prevents people from throwing their swords, only throwing means that you have to throw, random bots will spawn in mobs and bots to fight, and boss would spawn a boss in.

When the players spawn in the arena, they will have 5 seconds to move around. Then the game would begin. The last player standing wins.