beatening my old record/R.I.P fallen brother/old memorys

i beaten my old record with @Phantom and a fallen brother and an old friend

i refound them

this was also when i killed my first boss with their help. 𝕻𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖔𝖒 did not help at all bruh


43K isnt really good but Nice, or ak I looking the wrong place

o, I would of complimented u if you had 400k but tbh 400k isn’t much either

are you spam posting on topics with that template

no I’m not, it’s just that people are posting threads with mid scores for some reason :roll_eyes:

Wdym didn’t help, I had to clear a server… :)

Yeah you told me that BUT U DIDN’T HELP ME KILL A BOSS I KILLED THE BOSS WITH THE CAT GUY and that was my first boss ever

bro i not that guy that can get coins that fast bro. maybe i can now since i got a mouse. my last record was 10k or 11k don’t know how i can get 400k that fast with LOW TIME! just how bro idk my skill level at all.

if i had a little more time i woulda gotten 50k but still after 43k i beating that old record thanks tho.

I am really bad at pvp… I’m able to take over a server because I use annoying tactics

yeah well there goes attempt two

I leave for 2 mins and u died :skull:

bro i got targetted and team at the last moment i only saved myself twice with tank ability

Join back on

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