Bedwars Tips

Tips for bedwars:
*Note I’m bad at being an attacker and this is what you could do as a supporting role @FwhipyFishy has the general idea (but clearly they haven’t building enough to know how to actually build)
In general:
Never buy wooden doors as they are a scam (15 coins for 1) and instead buy wood planks (7 coins for 8) that make 2 doors with the 15 coins you can make 4 doors!!
Also never buy stone reinforcements (10 coins for 8) instead buy cobblestone (10 coins for 8) which you can convert into 16 reinforcements!!
Put iron trapdoors right outside of the wooden door in the bed structure so it takes a little bit more time for them to mine through and make sure that once you are rich enough to cover every significant 1 block-wide spaces as good raiders take advantage of it and put iron trapdoors themselves to make them a makeshift safe house

Starting off:

Normal bedwars: if there is another builder building a farm, start making a defence, if no one is making a farm start making a farm (make sure to reinforce) and once you have enough coins for a good weapon (pistols and swords are for only good pvpers or noobs that don’t know what they’re doing) and put some turrets right next to your bed and

custom map bedwars: I don’t have much advice but for most maps (especially the coal pyramid map) iron spikes are op and you should raid into the opponents side and spam them all over their base as it can get you some kills but there are so many variations to these maps I can’t list them all but generally if there is a easily accessible gold deposit mine it asap

Other strats include
The blue thing (works if one other person is protecting your bed): This strat works on most maps and works well if you are having troubles making people die with only the spikes (since the spikes only work if some one falls on it) the blue stuff (scaffolding I think) can force people to jump and is effective on the classic bw map if you place them on the bottom most layer. Once constructed it can be hard to do combat there allowing you to push through.

Door and trapdoor method (works on: normal bedwars or any others that have large open spaces and requires only 2-3 players that know what they’re doing) - get those platform things that fall once the opposing team lands on them and make a 2-high sandwich and put doors so every block is now a door and make sure to reinforce them (just in case for griefers and explody things) and you can do this for as many layers (typically 2-5) and on the top most layer put trapdoors so they can’t attack you from below, this needs constant maintenance and really drains your coins

iron bridge method (works on: normal bedwars and requires around a team of 5-10 players that know what they’re doing): This requires a lot of iron which is extremely expensive and needs to have a farm that can sustain that and also requires a good base that is really hard to break in except the bridge. You will need to make a 1 wide strip of iron that goes out forward and two above you, you build 3-5 layers of iron. The reason to making the top stronger is because it’s really hard to break in from below as you can easily be shot down and they have the upper ground which allows them to drop gernades which are pretty inexpensive yet from above they can drop the gernades and rockets so it’s crucial to make the top strong, it’s also important so you have someone patroling the top part so they can’t construct a semi-base to more easily destroy your bridge. Make sure to reinforce it and spam as many wooden doors until the point of conflict where you should start using better iron doors and slowly push them. This needs pretty good coordination and firepower

Outposts vs Tunnels (bridges) (any bedwars maps, at least one other capable player that can protect your bed in the mean time: This works on all the maps I know and it is pretty simple, go to a place (Around the middle of the map) and make an outpost with a supply crate and a lot of doors (iron ones preferably) this has a couple of variations

  • classic bedwars map: Outpost don’t work at all in this mode (Sorry burnout I’m going to stop, enough likes to motivate me I will do it)

  • Coal pyramid: I LOVE this map because it’s simple yet it’s on the supporters that will supply the attackers to win and there are 2 options (2.5 I guess). Either go up (outpost on tip of pyramid or down (dig). It may seem that building an outpost on top is important (which kinda is until midgame) but digging and making sure to door everything is more important as the outpost needs a lot of blocks to finagle around in your pocket the digging option only needs doors and sometimes blocks just in case someone has multiple rockets for some reason), both ways you have to make sure that both sides have enough people guarding. Typically the attacking from the top becomes irrelevant after people start fighting below yet it still requires to be checked up on once in a while to defend it. When there are not enough players for the digging strat (when there are only around 2 to 10 people in a lobby) the attacking from the tip of the pyramid is more effective and if the opponents don’t defend the top part of their base you can dig down and place some trapdoors so you can just fire from above. Even if they have those turrets they can attack you really and it’s really easy to win this way.

For other strats and maps I haven’t covered I’m sorry I’m too tired I will just list some I can write about but I’m too tired

Incomplete strats explaining:

  • classic bedwars map

Maps I haven’t written

  • Castle map
  • doughnut map
  • the one with a lot of gold but not enough iron to make an iron pickaxe with map

Strats I haven’t written:

  • The giant diagonal base (classic bw)
  • incorporating the middle island as part of the base (classic bw)

Please add any other tips and stratagies in bedwars (pvp perhaps because I’m really bad at pvp)

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Cool strategies.
Some of the weird gameplay meta will probably change over time, but for now these are good tips.

The official map names will show in the scoreboard at the top btw.