Best evolution in

I don’t know what the best evolution nor the difference between vampire and knight so please help

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vamp sucks and is slow but gives health somehow IDK how.
Knight gives u super speed is good for killing everything but is kinda small

warrior is really good and easy to use but isez to kill with the knight
rook idk wht it does but it is hard to kill in game


In my opinion the best is knight since you can combo easy vamp not really it kinda sucks tbh


vamp give health by when u attack someone u take their health

um i love vamp have u forgot i am a vampire

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not gonna lie husband it is pretty ezz to kill

hon i am a vampire!!

I never knew that lol

How much health and is it a passive ability.

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well i guess it is apart of being born by #2 and #3 in swordbattle


Oh sorry wellll ummmmmmmmmmm
You’re the best BEST vampire i know:)


it give a little each time u hit ur opponent but no not passive

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Totally not the only one.

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love u mum thx for caring

do not read unless ur angel


Ahhh ok I can see certain situations where it’s better than knight

dont read unless u my husband XOXOXOXO

ugh i love u to death but this is embessing

How do u do blurred text?

um click the spin wheel for settings when u type

Only for you my love