Better, smoother gameplay.. part 1

So today I have some new ideas to help make have better, smoother, gameplay…(if people like it, maybe gautam can add it to v2)

This is going to be sort of a series so I will release different parts of this every so often. Ok without further ado let’s begin!

So I was thinking we could have someone make new sounds…

What do I mean by sounds, you ask? Well, we could have someone maybe make new background music, and maybe new chest breaking sounds, hitting sounds, and damage sounds.

What do you guys think? Would this be good or do you guys like the sounds already there? Maybe if you don’t want to full-on change it we could maybe modify it…or not. Anyway, make sure to comment down below; let me know if you guys like my idea


Great idea, I’m pretty sure something like this is in the works. Wasn’t there a sound post a few months ago?


I don’t know but it’s great that it might be underway already

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Ig now i have to do part 2 now lol i have time so i should probably do it

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I remember frumpy finding different sounds


Sure!! If you have any sounds/art send them! We might be able to use them as long as it isn’t copyright.

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Maybe have a system where you can play custom music cause theres this very chill music maker ik and all of his music is free and non-copyright named lukrembo


They immediately got forgotten

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@erger mught be able to

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Found it

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triple bump loll

remember this post? dang lol

should i restart this?

did new sounds get added?
idk cause I never played v1 with my volume on

no they did not get changed.

? they did change