bevonnaa is #24!

bevonnaa is now #24!!! With 1.8 million xp!!!


Coolguy 53 is #8th and he’s cool as always!! :fire: :speaking_head: :eagle: :boom::boom:

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I agree, so is his skin

aren’t you the kid who told her “you look good in that” when she was playing cuz she had the rose skin :joy:

is this bot? or sthm

? wdym? not me lol

I might of said “cool skin” but nothin cheesy like that

increasing the coin to XP ratio made it easier to get 100# everybody under #50 literally sucks at PVP

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I am good at pvp, but I joined late.

Bro I was on a steady path to 4th and then I remembered that school exists

Nice @bevonnaa (Bevul)

Others, it was a joke we had together(Bev, me and phoenix, and devil) sooo lol

Yea I guess your not bad,

Yea recently a ton of ppl have been dropping of the leaderboard because of this so ig we just have to wait a little while before it goes back to normal

Yea i dropped 5 places

I feel like we should even out xp from kills and coins

it was like that before v2 dropped but obv you wouldn’t know

We should let kills give xp though imo

no one cares im #25 and bev used to be #13 she could do better so stop yapping over nothing mate

If you are flare i used to whoop you every 1v1 bud rank cant compare to skill