okay, so i’m gonna be completely honest, I joined the forum thru a proxy which basically means I actually don’t play any io games, even tho this is literally the IO GAMES FORUM.

i’m definitely aware that it’s probably a sin here not to play an io game but i do read other posts about io games so I get the general point of some of the games. it seems the most popular is swordbattle, which i definitely want to try out and do a bit of in my free time.

however I have a problem, and that is every link i’ve tried is blocked! my school is completely locked down, i mean you need some heavy stuff to get thru them, and I have yet to find a working proxy on the google docs list.

if anyone has another game suggestion or a solution to this issue…
please help!!! i’m interested in playing one of these games and getting to know the forum better. thank youuu!

i also believe my school has completely blocked the .io domain so any link containing that will be blocked :sob:

You do not have to play an io game to be here lol. But unfortunately I do not have any proxies sorry


Have you tried all of the mega posts?

i tried killer’s post of all the sb links and none of those worked and yeah ive tried to find proxies on the mega posts too especially the one prookl made i’ve gone thru tons of those and most of them are unblocked but don’t actually work… :augh:

try replit porxys

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i’m not sure how to use replit, everytime i attempt to use a replit proxy it brings me to a screen basically saying “continue to replit” and then a login screen where i dont know how to access the proxy again and i use goguardian, not securly

u have to fork it in order to refresh
theres too much ppl in the game that’s why
also select the newst fork
i use netherite or u can use something else
here this is a daily proxy doc:Monkey - Google Docs

Do these still work

lol same, i dont play io games very much

i’m trying to switch the dns, i got to like 0.6M dns queries, and my provider is complaining. Try tmr ig

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