Black hole skin new

@Hue thanks for the help
black hole skin
black hole sword
price 1,971,000 because the first black hole was discovered in 1971
Description: suck up coins


This is great!

looks good, sword could be a little cooler tho

i need help with the description can some one help

looks like a planet not a black hole

That keeps it circle it would be all elongated

black holes dont have rings like saturn

They have ecrecen disks

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Love it.

will if this is added i don’t think no ones gonna buy it (cuz the sword is goofy)

No one will see the sword and by the time they do it’ll be too late


They do from light swirling around them and other fast moving matter

What is up with the Saturn rings


Mmm yes

can you please add this

sword needs work

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the sword is cool

i think the sword needs work, what does everyone else think?

  • it’s cool
  • it needs work
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