.Black Hole Skin

I created a Black Hole Set. Price: 299,792,458 - the speed of light (yes, I know no one can afford it). I might redo the skin in the future, didn’t turn out as well as I would’ve liked.






Now this, is an epic skin.

sword looks amazing

I thinks its rly cool and i would def by it but it just doesnt match the styl of the game. I feel like a lot of new ‘realistic’ style skins are being incorperated into the game, but i just feel it doesnt match. My opinion plz dont hate on me


dont like the base that much but the sword is cool

there has been a single other realistic skin

When I created the general outline, I messed up the base but didn’t realize it until the end, so I had to improvise a little.

it still looks pretty good

Decent, but way too expensive.

sword is cool skin no so much.

manage be adding the zeus skin which is way to realistic so im kinda mad

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i do like the sword but not somuch the skin

Bro stop this isn’t ure topic

umm arnt I the black hole guy my profile pic is a black hole and i have made 3 diff black hole skins

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skin is not good enough to be worth that much, sword is maybe…

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