Can you confirm the fact that bots can now evolve, also, when is the next evol update coming. I have an idea, it might be a bit weird tho.


Yes bots evolve now,

and evolution update coming soon, but no release date yet.

What’s yoiur idea?


The next evol will be better, lets take tank as example.

Tank can heal and have superstrength. Lets say the next one is like teleportation. You are on red health and want the first tank’s powers but you cant get it. You die.

As a solution, instead of making the cooldown a timer, make it a bar. And each evolution you unlock will be placed on that bar and its charge up will be the same amount of seconds you would have made. The bar fills up to max and now you can teleport. however you want to heal so instead of clicking on the telport power, you click on the first interval on the bar, that is healing. Accprdingly, you will loose charge on the bar, if you have any confusion, just tell me. Ill elaborate MORE.


i like tank bots

Oooh, that’s cool, but i think that will be a bit too complicated for the average player…

What if we just had the powerups stack up, so like every time you evolve there’s a new button with a new evolution


that works too but that would be too overpowered. if there was a new button for each one, you cud use like 5 powerups at the same time. If you follow my charge idea, you cant use them all

hmm i will look into it

What if you stack the evolutions, but the cooldown is shared for all of the power ups?

lets say the bar is sixty percent, firs tevol can be used at 40 percent, u use first evol, bar goes down to 20 %

y did u take out bot evol? It was super fun

caused a bug and made the game crash

When will u add again @gautam


@gautam how did it go

Yes coder I need to have more powerful bots so I can practice PvP lol


yee, i can roach on them lol

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@gautam can bots evolve again?

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