Basically when you join a server you would be assigned a person to kill for money. better ranks, more money. This would get people to attack. Is this a good idea?


No bc targeting

eh kinda

but not all players will be given the same person

bad idea

If i get noobs for bounties it wont be fair

ur right, then depending on the rank u get a person. Like when u join a game u get one bounty and after killing no more

What if everyone noob when i join. Also how come some people get to level up by kilking biggest dude while others must focus on smoller dudes

But arent you guys still going to kill player for coins even if there noob. The get to level up b/c they kill the guy. Others were afraid to so they get smaller dudes

Bad idea. Too many wrong things.

Even if your joined and ur bounty is a noob arent you gonna need coins to level up?

Yes but some people will get lots of coins aand level up while some dudes gotta kill smol dudes before they can kill big boi

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i highly hate this idea…

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but the bigger the dude harder to kill.

Not really…

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some cases

Pay 100k coins get a bounty to kill top 5 current player excluding you so if you 1 2-6 if you win you get 500k coins



I was thinking money goes according to the rank of the player

Thats 100k per top 5


not too good