Bounty on frager201 you wil get an account with 46 millon xp and there in 30 place

you kill him need evidence and record the killing and you will get and account filled with xp and
it has assassin skin


give me screenshot of that account with supposed 46 mil xp

I legally own this account so ill just ask coder to change the password so there is no bounty :slight_smile:

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Why are you giving away such a valuable account? It seems a bit weird to me.

true, true.

there is no bounty i own this accoutn so there is nothing :) u can return to ur jobs

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Your brother put a bounty on you XD

ik hes anoyying

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I don’t understand sibling dynamics
Y’all want each other dead for some reason

Oh, ok then.

Has someone who has a little sibling, it’s basically the result of having to deal with another person around your age 24/7.

yeah i actually have that experience lol

sometimes u needa express ur frustration

I’m guessing that’s how my siblings felt… I’m the youngest… :grimacing:
I wonder if it’s like that in most households.
Anyways I don’t think you’re brother is too happy about you putting his account up for auction


heh i bet :joy:

no we still love each oder and it is for fun

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Youngest rules


no. no no no no. older is better. thats just it. (in my experience.) (lol)

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I restrain from calling them idiots when ever they do smth dumb so evrey say

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You’re gonna figure it out when you become an adult and talk to your siblings i guess