You said that you will be during evols during your break and after that you will be adding some content. For a “break” seems like a lot of work though I’m not complaining



Swordbattle has been left alone for longer periods of time and hasn’t died lol also swordbattle is attracting a newer younger audience rather than keeping us so it will just be awhile till all the OGs finish leaving and the newbies start joining in the new year

By Die i mean with bugs

No I said artists are working on evol art during my break, not me

Oh oke that makes more sense lol

swordbattle is not about to die because i see a lot of new players

My break will be starting from march


can you add my Dxrk skin plz

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its not bad. just fix it a bit and it’ll be fine

Gonna take another break until my ACT test ends. I’m super sorry but I have to do it to prepare and get a good score for colleges. yes this means evols are delayed. super sorrryyyy :( I’ll put more effort after I finish my test


Complete understandable. Your future’s far more important than this game. If anyone expresses disapproval to your decision, it’ll change my view of them.

Good luck on the ACT bro, you got this!


Idk what that is but sounds iportant! Gl

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