If you ever see broken4life kill him(he is very easy to kill)The man curses and when he askes for 1v1 he dosent even count and uses his abilty(I still beat him)you can ask shadowblade

hes prob gonna change his name at some point but thanks

like he curses soooooo much and once i killed him he is like where is my loot at and try to roach me


where r they?

he was on usa 2 but i think he rage quit

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he didnt

oh that kid sucks so bad lol

hes still in usa 2?


kk one sec

im baby devil

hes laggy lol

im touhou_gaming

he died

just noticed lol

is there anyway he can get banned or something?
have chat turned off at least

sry gtg

idk will ask coder

got it