so im on Oys acc and just start getting stabbed by leon i got him down to red with no evo but only lost due to him hit and running and spam throwing swords keep in mind this is my 4th game back and im domming a top 50 player so im assuming this means im high c tier+ right?

You don’t need skill to be on LB just time

Jokes on you i have access to a to a lb acc

amma join up :imp:

im in game and only 1 guy on

So is Leon pretty much a John 2.0?

Huh pretty accurate now that I think about it

Plot Twist: Leon is John’s alt account.


Send me link to the forum topic abt pvp teirs what does monke mean he days he c plus?

in terms of pvp

Leon is F tier smh, I beat him in mobile- and I’ve played mobile for only a hour

Beaten by a dude usein mobile? Now thats true shame

Wasd is probably the best mobile pvper, I’m trying to beat him.

Damn ig half the playerbase should be ashamed of themselves

What I mean is that people with mobile are USUALLY not as good as someone on pc or computer. I’m not tryna be mean. I’ve done mobile and its harder than pc.

I do sometimes wonder how good I would be with a computer if I got used to using wasd keys

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You can probably beat shadow

Yeah, Wasd’s really good with mobile. There’s a good chance he’d wreck me if he plays on computer.

Now that you mention it, it’s such a weird thought that Wasd doesn’t even use WASD while playing

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had a 900k and he tried over an hour to kill me sad.

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