when I loaded on a couple of minutes ago all that I pressed play it said connecting then
Screenshot 2023-02-27 4.42.50 PM
I tried another server and
Screenshot 2023-02-27 4.42.50 PM
last one was the same too anyone know why?

I tink ur wifi is baddd s wai a min an tryz GInas

Skill issue.

You probably have bad wifi/ are using a proxy/ something that prevents you from reaching the server. Not really my area of expertise tho, ask coder for a more precise answer.


There could be many reasons, but the database was slightly overloaded during that time and that is probably why.


This has happened to me before! It is likely a wifi issue!

Beep boop bop!

@𝕱1𝕹𝕹 bad proxy

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