Can I get my skin now Coder

@gautam last two weeks on the weekend on Saturday I asked you if I could get a skin you said if I get top 15 I will get a skin I got the top 15 you can check my profile so any of those have an idea for my skin. And coder please be for your word. And you don’t know what this will mean to me this is the only game I took seriously.


nice job on top 15

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im 28

new mission get to top 15 sleep = -12

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u need to be top5

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or earn it

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my mission just got harder

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He told me to get top 15

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Hmmm ok

still nice

Bruh im usually number three and hadnt got one. Coder promised me better tho…

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just ask people to create one

hey @ManagePasswords what do you want for a skin

No dont make me one

tell me im not making it

Ok sure now get someone to make the skin

@dev3x u know anyone?

@harsh offered to

Ok just post in topic when it’s made

for you cosmic