Can Someone Explain What Happened?

Hello everyone, I am Storm. I don’t know how many of you even remember me because I haven’t been on in months. If you don’t know me, I’m not really an OG player, but I’ve done a few things. I got top 50 once, and I made the storm skin.
Anyways, since I’ve been gone, I have no idea what’s going on. First of all I have 2000000000000 pings from @ all?, but also I have no idea what this great forum battle thing is.
Basically I’m asking if someone can summarize what happened recently.


Well, what basically happened was a couple of people came in general chat and started spamming the no no notification(and other bad stuff). Those posts have since been deleted and the people who spammed have been banned. The Great Forum Battle is something that Hamm made, I don’t know if you were in a team or not, but I think Hamm can tell you.


you missed alot XD


You can look at my tutorial if you want to disable @/all pings.


hope you don’t go for months again :cry:

also we can no longer use @all thank god but it was good for free bans

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(4 months latter)

I guess he didn’t want to look at all the pings :pensive:

Oops, I guess i didn’t see that post lol.


Well, I guess an old time when @ all was spammed a lot

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Sad it’s gone :pensive:

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ah when the @ all was able to be use the good old days


lol it was fun tho for the little bit

Not when you missed someone’s ping cause you decided to just dismiss all notifications :skull:

It would have saved me so much trouble

the good old days

The lore dude posted a really bad link and like an idiot i clicked it on a school chromebook not knowing what it was.

That link could’ve got me suspended from school