Can you solve a rubik's cube?

Can any of you solve a Rubik’s cube?
if you can what is your best time ad what cubes can you solve?
i personally can solve a 3x3 in 1 and a half minutes and a 4x4 in 7 and a half minutes (without parity)

i can solve a 3x3 in 1half minute but that was a long time ago, for 4x4, never got my hands on one

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I can solve

Can solve a 1x1 rubiks cube


I can solve a 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4

Megaminx: Almost know how to solve one, just not the top layer, was a while back.
Pyraminx: Don’t know how to solve it but I can solve it. You literally just spam an algorithm lol.

2x2 - 8 seconds
3x3 - 50 seconds
4x4 - 3.5 minutes


I can do mirror cube kilominx piraminx megaminx and 2x2 as well

i’ve never touched any other cubes other than 3x3 and 2x2, but i can solve 3x3 in 30 secs

i dont do cubes

3x3 in under a minute

2x2, gear cube, can solve 2 sides in a megaminx and 3 sides on a 3x3

Pyraminx- 24.08

i can solve a 1x1 in 0.0069 seconds lol


my classmate could solvw 5x5 he can also do a pyramid one

3x3, but it will take some time.

Can anyone teach me to solve a 3x3, I have one but idk how to solve


i’ll make a topic

I can. You want me to?

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I used to know how to solve a rubix cube. I haven’t picked one up in a while.


my best time on a 3x3 was 44 seconds, it takes me a VERY long time to solve my 5x5, and I’ve never timed my 2x2 so idk.

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Mine is a 4x4 that I solved in 9+ years still going /:

I can scramble it good though lol

i can solve one