Reasoms why carball should be cancelldd

1 - the new car is probably stolen off google it too good ask that guy why

2 - made with child labor; children (under age of 18) worked on the game which is child labor

3 - balls is very inappropriate and a game about cars and balls is not family friendly

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and here was suppose to be the orginial leaked idea image

Yeah its too profesional and I found the image on google images when I pressed the camera button and dragged the car into the box that said drag your image here and when i did that it showed other cars but there was one which it obviously was copied from but it had a different shae of red so he probably used the bucket tool to hide his crime we need to cancel

@gautam explain yoself

trying to hide from an alt huh

stabbing people with swords is family friendly but cars pushing balls is a bit too far

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