how it works is it just puts players and splits em up if there are 8 players for example, there would be 2 teams of 4

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max server size is 6 I think

oh cool (didnt kno that)

1,3,4 alreayd answered if u dig around

i dont even understand what u mean and not gonna waste time to try to understand

fair idk i will experiment with different sizes

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Also make the background more green/limeish the less saturated more blueish shade it has just doesn’t feel the same bruh

i didnt even reelase the game why u guys even playing it and actually giving me feedback welp i have to take it down

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i mean it actually mostly dead i say about 99 percent dead that other 1 percent would just be one or two players doing one match or just now discovering it.

nooo dont its just constructive feedback

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It will be a big launch that’s why I don’t want to spoil it too micj


its amazing how when you leak a game it you gets incorporated into the forum effortlessly

Yeah my initial goal was to spread that power to other game devs with this awesome community but nobody cares so I’m just gonna take advantage of it myself (and future since realmz community is pretty active)

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Other games are either already too integrated with discord to make users have a use for the forum or they are too small to bolster a community in the first place

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ye loll

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