Challenge: Rank a brand new account

You’re challenge is to…

  • Create a new account
  • Get it top 100 as fast as possible

The first person to do this will recieve a special forum badge!

Let’s do this!

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i alredy have a alt ranger…
never played on it it just saves name

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trying to get us to fight amongst are selfs hungr games style now

i’m not doing this at all, i currently don’t want any alts

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nah sorry i dont feel like messing with my alt at the moment

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I want a better prize

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bruh im not grinding 30 hours for a forum badge

hmmm i need a better prize, will re-do this challenge once i have it


i did this in 2 days on my alt. if u want proof i can show u


yeah but its a lot harder now than before


Pretty sure leaderboard has jumped at least 7 mil xp sense then

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