Once upon a time in a very developed world there was a king. He was the ruler of this world. His name was CODERGAUTAM, everyone feared him. He had two apprentices named ANGEL & ACOL. They both were supernatural beings. They posses a large amount of power. Every year for the king’s joy he would force people to battle to DEATH! One year he had a survivor of this battle, named COSMICWARLORD. He was a very strong being, but he was quickly imprisoned in fear that he may possess harm to the king. But after a few months nobody ever saw him again. A guard who used to work in the prison named ZAROOMA claims that he used dark magic to escape! The King was forcing his people to do things. Many people were doing protests against him. But the protesters vanished a day after…

Dont worry i will add others in future chapters!


Good so far!

I’m a bad guard XD

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nice lol

nice, excited to see myself and my friends

You suk at writing books I can’t lie.


have you seen my story

no it is good

can i see?

it is teerable but dm me

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i diddd

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i think coder made you disapear out of rage

To me it’s not, I’m experienced in writing stories/books + quotes. I’ve seen my fair share of terrible writing. This is good but it’s not the best, there’s so much that could be improved.


ik, i like writing stories too, i just like it because it is fun to read, good story, you know?

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Eh I wasn’t that big of a story guy

i have to wait until i see myself in this story

add microwave clan hehe lol


just wait until the clans get introduced into the story, ok _MV_Korbreeto

I want to be in it :sob::sob::sob: