Its been over 2 years, each year there were more deaths. GAUTAM earned money because of his huge farm and mine. One day a fellow miner named DOOMSLAYER found a bunch of gold coins! But he did not want anyone to know about this. He wanted to get rich and keep the money to himself. But another minor named LEWCANTOUCAN found out about this secret. So him and DOOMSLAYER split the gold. The king was very interested in finding gold coins. He was very furious that no one found gold. DOOMSLAYER and LEWCANTOUCAN wanted to make a secret empire that would overthrow the king’s empire. They needed weapons and tools that would help during the battle. So they needed the perfect person who can make these things…SLAPADABASS!


can I be in one?

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yeah in the future chapters


me ig hero turns evil

Good idea

And they needed a warrior to use those weapons. And that warrior was… Desert Shadow!

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He died, however, of drinking too much milk… he had the runs until his unfortunate demise.

i will wait until i get my crucible
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this is it without the argent energy source

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yessir im a minor