LEWTOUCAN! ZAROOMA told everyone by the time LEWTOUCAN came back from wherever he was going. DOOMSLAYER immediately knocked him out with his deadly blade! LEWTOUCAN woke up tide up to a tree. All the MITBALDIONS were in front of him. LEWTOUCAN started laughing. He said that there is no way there gonna overthrow GAUTAM’s empire. He took a button out of his pocket and smacked it! The MITBALDIONS were confused when he clicked the button. Suddenly they heard a bang behind them DESERTSHADOW was stabbed by someone. By the time they went to look at LEWTOUCAN he was missing. They went back to there hideout and switched it to a cave. They started healing DESERTSHADOW. ZAROOMA and SHINOBISLAYER went to the store to get supplies and saw ANGEL and LEWTOUCAN going through the gates of GAUTAM’s home. They knew that ANGEL was the one who stabbed DESERTSHADOW. They quickly bought supplies and when they were heading a guard named W’ stopped them. All three of them pulled out there blades and started clashing. ZAROOMA quickly took W’ out with few cuts. When they were fleeing the scene they were stopped by no other than the powerful ACOL!


I wanna be in it

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sure next chapter maybe

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can i be in it?

Noo des and frick acol w’ had it coming for the last time I played with him…

yup u will be soon enough

you saving me for something special. >:)



ok, that is true based on in game stuff. i betray you way too much

nah not really realated

dang then, imagine if im the only hero of this whole story bc i double cross everyone