Just when SHINOBISLAYER and ZAROOMA thought there done, two swift fighters appeared out of nowhere! SHINOBISLAYER tried to see who they were but they covered themselves. They told ZAROOMA AND SHINOBISLAYER to escape and they will handle ACOL for a bit. So ZAROOMA and SHINOBISLAYER escaped. ACOL had no difficulty fighting the mysterious fighters. The fighters were struggling so they escaped quickly. Later on GLACEON8 finds the two warriors. He brings them both to the MITBALDIONS hide out. They unmasked themselves and there names were F1NN96 and DAVINA_HEATH, they both decided to join the MITBALDIONS. But suddenly some dark magic absorbed SHINOBISLAYER! Everyone was in shock once again. DOOMSLAYER and ZAROOMA were very curious about why and how this was happening. GLACEON8 went to ask SLAPDABASS about this. While he was going he was stopped by GUATAM’s robot named BOT!



Love it!


what if im the only hero of this bc i double cross everyone