GLACEON8 took his blade out and started clashing with BOT. It was a very long fight and both fighters were hurt. Suddenly a guard named GIGGAPOGGERS started helping BOT. GLACEON8 was in big trouble but SLAPDABASS appeared out of nowhere and helped GLACEON8 now it was even. So the fighters went into a very big battle and BOT lost his legs during the fight. GIGGAPOGGERS threw his sword that turned into a bomb and there was a huge explosion. SLAPDABASS and GLACEON8 escaped through the sewer. BOT sent a message to GUATAM and he had a big plan. SLAPDABASS did not know that he had a tracker placed on him by BOT. Once both of them arrived at the hideout, Gautam instantly sent his two apprentices. The MITBALDIONS had know idea what was going to happen!



I feel like you forgot about me

mitbaldions :joy:

nah iam saving u for somethin

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