Chapter 9 ! (THE END)

ANGEL pulled her blade and prepared to end ZAROOMA! Then ANGEL swings, BUT A MYSTERIOUS FIGURE BLOCKED IT! ZAROOMA was terrified and quickly untangled himself. ANGEL, who was shocked takes her blade back. The mysterious figure pulled his hood down. COSMICWARLORD WAS BACK! ZAROOMA and him quickly dipped to the destroyed hideout. ANGEL was frozen in shock. BOT and GIGGAPOGGERS were sent after them two. Suddenly everyone who disappeared in the dark magic plus the MITBALDIONS was waiting for them there! Just the ANGEL,ACOL, LEWTOUCON, BOT, MVFRUMPY, GIGGSAPOGGERS, DRIPPED_OUT ,and the KING himself GAUTAM! There was going to be a deadly battle. In the other side there was DOOMSLAYER,SHINOBISLAYER,ZAROOMA,COSMICWARLORD, GLACEON8, SLAPADABASS, TIGERLIZZY, WOLFSHAKE, and U.U. ALL OF THEM CLASHED AT EACH OTHER. There was blood splattering all across the area. ZAROOMA, SHINOBISLAYER, and DOOMSLAYER were taking on ANGEL. GLACEON8 was fighting BOT while TIGERLIZZY and WOLFSHAKE were fighting GIGGAPOGGERS and LEWTOUCAN. COSMICWARLORD was fighting ACOL. But GAUTAM was simply watching the fight. The MITBALDIONS were struggling until SPIFFYCAYDEN brought MITBALDE! This was going to be a easier fight for the MITBALDIONS. MITBALDE stared at GAUTAM, this gave GAUTAM a little shiver. They both started clashing at each other. SPIFFYCAYDEN immedietly attacked MVFRUMPY. GLACEON8 was hurt badly and was on the floor with BOT about to finish him but U.U decapitated BOT! GLACEON8 thanked her and they both went to help TIGGERLIZZY and WOLFSHAKE. Right when they both arrived WOLFSHAKE was stabbed and TIGGERLIZZY was crying next to her. GIGGAPOGGERS was coming to attack TIGERLIZZY but by the time he swung his sword TIGGERLIZZY was behind him. HE was stabbed in the heart! SLAPDABASS came to WOLFSHAKE to help her heal and he told the rest of them to help COSMICWARLORD and MITBALDE. They each separated and went to help. DOOMSLAYER was bleeding heavily SHINOBISLAYER picked DOOMSLAYER up and rushed him to U.U. She wrapped some bandages around his wound. COSMICWARLORD was cut by LEWTOUCAN and was Immedietly killed at the spot by COSMICWARLORD. SHINOBISLAYER went back to help ZAROOMA but he had a poisonous sword with him. SLAPADABASS prepared this sword before the battle. ZAROOMA was hurt but SHINOBISLAYER rushed in and stabbed ANGEL! ANGEL was surprised but she realized it was poisons and took it out and stabbed SHINOBISLAYER. They both in Shock fell to the floor in pain. ZAROOMA quickly went over to check on SHINOBISLAYER but SHINOBISLAYER said to help MITBALDE. Out of nowhere a NPC called DRIPPED_OUT stabbed SPIFFYCAYDEN in the back and SPIFFYCAYDEN fell to the floor but DOOMSLAYER took the NPC out. They went over to COSMICWARLORD who was covered in blood and saw two dead bodies. ACOL who had a sword in his heart and LEWTOUCAN. They went to MITBALDE and ZAROOMA and took down GAUTAM. GAUTAM was pleading for his life and then was captured by the MITBALDIONS! The MITBALDIONS won! ZAROOMA who went over to SHINOBISLAYER who was not breathing and called everyone over. They all were sad but it was a victory. The very next day they made a memorial for SHINOBISLAYER. MITBALDE was the new leader of the empire and his two apprentices ZAROOMA and COSMICWARLORD. While everyone was healing at the hospital they forgot to guard the jail. The next day ZAROOMA and GAUTAM went missing!