Clan alliance

tell me in DMs if you want to help!

as you know I am forming a alliance cause angel wants to take over all clans by force so I decided to make a alliance to defy that so we can be free just tell me if you want to help in DMs so it ain’t one empire there ain’t no fun so tell me if you want to join for clan leaders no this ain’t secret takeover it a chat so we can ask for help or hop on server to defend clan name just in case also if needed more details if you dm me
thank you for reading this thru

join skin creator clan and be with me. i can offer protection

I got harsh here and me I alredy sent dm message to color so hopefully you will be ally but I’m chill with everyone on sk

color is on sk

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im open to an alliance
there will be terms tho

Not surprised

the only thing i read was “thank you for reading this thru” lol


But hey want to do it?

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