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Just curious, so I can see forums wants clans. Tbh wont be added for around 3-6 months if I have to guess maybe longer for the work it takes. So I am wondering would you guys instead like a system where you can just just change your name while being logged in. So like for example microwave clan I just change name to (Mv)Mitblade or whatever ingame instead of emailing coder. This would be a lot easier to code compared to a whole system with random stuff or whatever. But whats your opinion

  • Easy name change to repesent clan
  • Physical system in game to select
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physical system just sounds better plus more work for u guys to do


Easy name change so that if you switch clans a lot you won’t be constantly emailing coder.


um there already is a change name feature so eh



no way to see what clan is really the best (even though we all know microwave is the best)

the name change feels lazy i dont like it

i say the username would be something like
team logo username
and the team logo would be a different color

how is that related to what i said?

From the way you said it I assume your intention was to imply that you believe the current system of changing names is good enough. And I am arguing that it is not.

Some kind of clan list/leaderboard for kills/coins would be very nice.


there is already a name change feature (hover over your name in the top right)

but what I plan is when clans are added, you don’t need to change your name to match your clan, the clan prefix will automatically be added to your name. (and you can keep your cool name)


how do you join

You can ask any of the clan leaders, some clans have certain requirements to join, but you can pick which one is best for you!


who are the clan leaders

find out from other people

MV: Frumpy
Gucci: SpiffyCaden/FwipyFishy
SK: ColoredHue/ManagePasswords
IK: zarooma
CK: Angel
There are some others but I kinda forgot


Wait 3-6 months?!

MV clan is owned by frumpy not coder

My bad.