I, the leader of the HD clan, choose to start a war against the BC clan

Any allies would be nice. (Bartenders?)

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What are both of these clans?

gochu bestie

my clan vs an annoying clan

how many people and what do i get in this if i join

i dont think UN would join such a small war tbh (either way I wont be there too help sadly)

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u dont get anything
its just for the funs and to hurt BC badly
(quite a few of them are roachers, runners, and spawkillers)

ok sorry

Idk if un is gona help, but I can help you. I also hate most BC clan members. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sry a-bot, I mistyped :( Ill help you tho dw

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HD is my clan…
and there’s like nobody in it

Whichever clan wins gets free art

erm what the sigma

W and BC are filled with annoying teamers with massive egos I already have a kos on both clans even though I ain’t in a clan myself

wanna join mine?
cause im the only decent player in it :slight_smile:

reminds me of forum war or whatever it was forever ago

fr, I’m going with the angel mindset of not killing anyone until they break the laws of sb

Sry I meant I can help HD and attack BC lol I mistyped.

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