Should we add friends or clans so you can link up with friends and gang up on other people?


Oh and idk if you can somehow reduce the lag, maybe its just because I have a $1 Chinese chromebook

6k ping



Well I think we should reduce the lag also a great advantage is that can can have like parties as clans in a game.

Lmao, I have a chromebook too, and I get about 100 ping and 30 fps. I’ll be honest with you. Fixing the lag isn’t very easy at this point. If you don’t know already, most of this game was coded in a week for a competition.

I wasn’t very good at optimising the game and that’s why there is so much lag issues. I’m working on a new game, which willbe much more stable because I’ve learnt my lesson and I’m taking the time to code it well.

Sorry about that, but one day I will look into the messy code to figure out a way to improve the lag.


we should LOL i wanna make a clan named the flamers.

is the new game like

kind of, it’s a shooter game with spaceships, where you destroy other spaceships to get stronger

Thats awesome ! is it multiplayer beacuse i played since october.

It’s multiplayer, and will be much smoother


cool but there needs to be a ship customization

So how about adding it when you have time?


cool! tysm
Do you think I could get a shout out or anything? it is probably to much to ask but Me and my friends would think its cool

shoutout where?

idk just by the clan button or somth?

if u do please use my email TY!

uhh i’ll try

1 DOLLAR!!! i did not know that existed