Clans system!

Clans will be added!

Here are the current features I think

  • Creating a clan:

Cost - 1M coins
Types: Public, Private
Minimum required XP can be set
clan name can be set
clan description can be set
clan tag can be set
clan contact info can be set (discord link, forum link, etc) which will only be seen by the clan members
clan leaders can ban / unban users at any time.

  • Joining a clan

You will see a list of public / private clans
You can instantly join public clans, you can “Request to join” private cclans
You can also see clans that invited YOU to join

  • After joining

You will be able to see your clanmates, whether they are playing currently, and their XP
You will be able to see your clans contact text, could be a discord, slack, some way for clanmates to communicate. I do not plan on implementing in-game clan chat.

  • Clan wars

Every week there is a clan war
Need at least 5 members to participate
All the clans go against each other
Only the top 5 XP scorers in each clan will count towards the clan war score
At the end of the week clans will recieve points based on their ranking in the clan war
Points can be used to upgrade clan, change color, idk do some cool stuff I guess

  • Leaderboards

Total clan xp (xp of everyone in the clan day, week, all time)
Total Clan points gained (gained from winning clan wars) (this is not how many they have, but how many they GAINED)
During the clan war there will also be a leaderboard of all participating clans (more than 0 XP)

you can also see your clan’s leaderboard, which is just how much XP people have gained IN YOUR CLAN

  • In game

Clan members will have a tag like this [CLAN] codergautam
Clans can use clan points to change the color of their tag
You will see your clanmates marked a different color in the minimap

Let me know if I missed smth



Im really exited! when is this being added?

Am not working on this right now may be 5-8 weeks RELEASE DATE UNCONFIRMED (probably longer)


Great idea, dont choke the baby

lets do this!


how can i have that much coins??

it’s not that much

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like 5 m

like 5 million coins




i have 1,335,364 coins


Then play more and get some coins

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oh but that still is easy

Hooray! Hooray!


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this idea is like the clans from Clash royale but sick cant wait for this to be added!


can you be in multiple clans?