What are the clans? Microwave right and otehrs?

Microwave clan, Immortal killers clan, Clan killers clan, Gucci gang

MV, IK, CK right and gucci

Who started the clans?

idk lol

Can i join any

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join mv

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IK was started by Zarooma, CK was started by ANGEL, Gucci was started by ???, also there is a skin creator clan which is SK, but i dont know who started it

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colored hue i think

dont join gucci their clan sucks its just a joke lol

Gucci is great

so is yours you worship a microwave

Plus they force people to join if they lose a 1v1 for example @scp-682

but our clan actually does things
unlike gucci who has done a total of nothing

they left :skull::skull::skull:
nobody forced them to join

Which clan should i join?

mv because we r cool

We grind we can show many people our pvp skills yours is just full of unskilled people. Coder is the only reason your clan gots popularity

Gucci it doesnt worship a microwave