For real

i mainly do it to prevent getting ganged on

ummm.? Then why are (almost) all top players in a clan ???

Cause their weak

angel is weak?

Because there is strength in numbers

You where in a art clan for a bit but that was so week it only went for a few days lol

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Our clan is chill octopi we are not in this clan wars thing’s that is why Octopi clan is one of the best clans.

I think I want to join the octopi clan cuz as metioned, they chill. which I like :slight_smile:

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duuuuuuuuuuuuudeeeeeeeeeee nahhh that is some cap

Nice, just ask Frager or Acol and they’ll probably let you in.

ok :slight_smile:

can I join it?

Ok dm me or @Acol Alright

Gucci Is Over. The Owner @FwhipyFishy Is Gone and The Co Owner @SpiffyCayden Is Permanently Banned. Leaving Gucci Leaderless and Abandoned.

That leaves MV,CK and IK.


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