Are they here yet… Because my friends are telling me there are clans now. And btw why are people putting names like {CK} ? Is that a sort of clan or is it something else.

If there are clans, then please tell me. If not then what does thos {CK} things mean?


There’s kinda clans. People have made their own clans here, such as MV, CK, Gucci, IK, and others. CK stands for “Clan Killers” I you want to make a clan, feel free to do so!

Oh cool. But if I make a clan then How do I make people join them…

most of the good players are already in a clan, a better option is to simply not create a clan and stay solo in my opinion, or just join an already existing clan

oh, ok thanks!

dont feel pressured to join one simply because it exists


nice advice :smile:

if you were to join one, however…

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If you didn’t notice this is Frumpy’s attempt to make you join his clan :laughing:

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im just giving him options :roll_eyes:
2, in fact…

join or die.

Ill protect if u don’t join mv

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ok, i’ll think about it…

I’m just kiddin’

or am i??

the fact that Ihave to 1v1 u be like. Imma get destroyed in 5 seconds.

ohh ma ga

It’s nothing serious, i just wanna make sure ur decent

I have to 1v1 to join…


you dont have to win, its just a test

If you join a clan it means your too weak to play on your own >:)